Using a 64GB microSD card on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone

For those of you out there picking up a BlackBerry 10 smartphone and not liking the fact that it only offers 16GB of onboard storage, there is always the option of getting yourself an additional microSD card to expand upon that. As for microSD cards that are supported, BlackBerry 10 officially supports storage up to 64GB and as noted in our BlackBerry Z10 review they work fine as kind. That said, it appears some folks are running into some confusions as to how to get the storage working when inserting anything over 32GB's. So here's a tip on how to overcome that confusion and get yourself up and running with expanded storage.

Micro SD cards larger than 32GB are pre-formatted using the ExFAT file system. At this time BlackBerry 10 OS does not support micro SD cards formatted to ExFAT, due to this the BlackBerry smartphone will prompt to format to a recognizable file system. To use an SD card larger than 32GB in a BlackBerry 10 smartphone please re-format to FAT32.

The easiest way to format the microSD card is to simply use your brand new BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Once you insert it, go to Settings and then Storage and Access. From there, go down to Media Card Details and tap on Format Media Card. After some quick processing, you'll be able to use the remaining formatted amount of storage without issues.

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