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Update: DOH! Well that was quick! It looks like this was just an "experiment" on Google's part, if you go to the page you now get the following message:

Hi there - thanks for your interest in our phone-based login experiment. While we have concluded this particular experiment, we constantly experiment with new and more secure authentication mechanisms. Stay tuned for something even better!

If anything else pops up we'll report back!

I have a great deal invested in my Google account -- between GMail, calendar, address book, Google Docs, Google Voice and Google+, my account has most of my online life attached to it. So I treat my Google password like the valuable Precious that it is.

There have been times where I've needed to login to my Google account from some pretty sketchy computers, like my mom's HP -- which is connected directly into her cable modem with no firewall between the internet and Windows XP. I get sick just thinking about what is living inside that grey box.

In the past I've carried my Google password on a USB stick so I can simply copy and paste from the stick to the sketchy machine. This really wasn't a great solution however because I've left the USB stick at home and also run the risk of picking up whatever virus is on the computer in question.

Google has now come forward with a terrific solution which uses your BlackBerry smartphone to log you in without using the keyboard of the computer.

The first thing you need to do is: On the browser of the computer, navigate to where the page will provide you with a unique QR code for this session. Refer to Joseph's article on how to scan QR codes for more.

Google Sesame QR

Once the QR code is scanned your BlackBerry browser will open to the Google login page. Simply type your Google credentials into your BlackBerry browser, which presumably is more secure than the computer you wish to use, and click login. After clicking to login you will be given a warning page to ensure that you only arrived at this login page via

Gmail Login

After you click on "Start with Gmail" or "Start with iGoogle" the browser on the computer will automatically log you in. I've tested this with Safari on the Mac and IE, Chrome and Firefox on Windows, all of which worked flawlessly. Web features like Google Open Sesame gives you one more reason to never ever be without your BlackBerry smartphone! 

Soure: Lifehacker

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