BlackBerry PlayBook sale Walmart

*Update 2: Not sure what's going on with the Walmart pricing. The site is now saying 32GB is $398 and 64GB is $498, so I am guessing the current $298 pricing is for the 16GB which people are reporting is out of stock.*

*Update: Looks like they've sold out of 16GB PlayBooks at $198, though there are still 32GB and 64GB available for $298 and $398. Who knows, maybe they will get more 16GB in stock soon.*

The list of retailers discounting the BlackBerry PlayBook the past week or two is growing, with the latest addition being US Walmarts. Much like the Canadian Walmarts, they have dropped the price of the 16GB PlayBook to $198. They mention a bundle offer on the website as well, which you can find details about at the link below. Basically they want you to add on some discounted accessories when you purchase the tablet. Except, we know you want to buy your PlayBook accessories from ShopCrackBerry. ;) Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

Find out more about the BlackBerry PlayBook sale at Walmart

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