Viigo Tango 8 for the BlackBerry Storm

I was out and about for a few hours Thursday evening only to find my BlackBerry buzzing constantly with excited emails from Storm Viigo users letting me know that the latest version of Viigo (Tango 8 - build 3.0.856) has been released. This is the version we brought word of back from CES. Sure enough, Viigo sent out an email with the details...

It has arrived! The Viigo Beta for the Storm watch is over. With this download, you can now benefit from the excellent feedback we've collected from tens of thousands of people who have previewed our Alpha version of Viigo on the Storm. We've worked hard to improve the overall Storm experience (performance, usability, etc.), and we've also added some exciting new features including a new Shopping service, the ability to tweet articles with a single click, and the capability to build and track your own portfolios in Stocks & Finance. 

I haven't had much of a chance to play with it just yet (just installed and am gonna Viigo myself to sleep!) but you can read more details on the improvements in this version after the jump. Hopefully this means this latest version will be pushed out for all BlackBerry devices soon

To Upgrade or Install for the First Time:

Viigo Tango 8 for the BlackBerry Storm

Viigo has made several enhancements in Tango 8

  • Post interesting articles to Twitter with a single click
  • Use Quick Launch buttons to email an article to friend or to yourself, Tweet an article of interest, Post To Del.ic.ious, view a full Article or open in a browser
  • Access real time status of the flights in your Flights and Travel itinerary

New features in Stocks & Finance:

  • Create your own portfolios that include the stocks or mutual funds of your choosing
  • Each portfolio lists the ticker name, the price, the change and the percentage change
  • Access depth details on trades including the volume of shares traded, the current bid/ask, time of last trade, market cap and much more

A Preview of Viigo Shopping:

  • Viigo has partnered with Mobihand and Magmic (the Bplay store) to bring you the ability to purchase the latest mobile software, software accessories, games, themes and more
  • Details on the product are available in just one click without ever leaving Viigo
  • More partners and more stores will be unveiled shortly