Updated Round Of 9670 Pics Show Off Some More Details

Just in case you were still clammoring (no pun intended, honest!) for more information about Research In Motions unreleased clamshell device we now got a few more pics for ya too look at courtesy of Cell Guru. As we can see from the pics, the BlackBerry 9670 will be running the same 1150 mAhr battery as the BlackBerry Pearl 3G.

In addition to a look at the battery, the pic of the application memory is worth note considering it's sitting at 283.4MB with no SDCard installed on the device. Not exactly certain what that means for overall device memory and RAM as of yet but given the pre release state of the device things can always change, so its best left for when we see later revisions that are closer to final production. Sadly, the engineering screen didn't give much information about the processor involved here but its safe to say it's at least that of the Bold series. Now, the only thing left that I'd like to see here since the devices are clearly in hand is a video of BlackBerry 6 running on the device. 

Source: CellGuru