PeeKaWho Updated!

Peekawa? PeeKaWho!! Since dropping word of PeeKaWho in the CrackBerry blogs a little over two weeks ago, this must-have app for BlackBerry Addicts has now gone on to become the #1 Selling Application on

If you're one of the thousands of users already running PeeKaWho on your BlackBerry, you'll want to upgrade (for free) to version 1.160 which now includes SMS support, contact picture, a sexed-up look and more. And if you haven't tried PeeKaWho out yet you can click here to download a free trial or purchase PeeKaWho. Keep reading after the jump for more info on PeeKaWho and what's new in version 1.160.

PeekAWho Version 1.160

PeeKaWho Recap and Features: Just like your Microsoft Outlook notifier or Gmail notifier, PeeKaWho is a simple utility that displays the From, Subject and Opening line of emails (and now SMS!) being received in a popup window on your BlackBerry's display. So whether you're composing a long email, browsing the web, playing a game (it automatically pauses the game) or doing any one of the other countless things you can do with your Berry, when your notification light starts blinking RED you no longer need to exit the app and jump into your email to see who contacted you. Here's a quick peek at PeeKaWho's features:  

  • See Contact Picture in email/sms popup - NEW FEATURE - so you know who is emailing you without reading!
  • Able to get email/SMS notifier popup from any application on your BlackBerry (even Homescreen).
  • Able to configure popup so you only see popup from the people matters to you.
  • Able to configure and disable popup so you don't see popup from certain applications (i.e. - no popup while you are trying to dial a phone number or answer a call)
  • Visually Stunning design
  • No setup fuss. No pain. It Just Works!
  • Complete integration with the existing email program.
  • Only $6.95 and includes FREE LIFE TIME UPGRADE - as long as you own your current device (SAME PIN)
  • ---------------------
  • NEW in v1.160
  • Contact Picture shown in email/sms popup
  • Backlight on when popup arrives (added due to popular demand)
  • SMS number lookup against addressbook
  • Followup! Integration
  • SMS on/off (turning off to avoid clashes with other SMS related product) 

Once you use PeeKaWho on your BlackBerry, it's hard to imagine how you ever lived without it. It's one of those applications that really should be built into the BlackBerry Operating System options by default (are you reading this RIM?!). When SmrtGuard first released version 1.0 some users experienced a few hiccups, but the developers worked with the CrackBerry community and customers to get any issues resolved and to also improve PeeKaWho based on user feedback and feature requests. Good work guys!

PeeKaWho for Enterprise: I just noticed on SmrtGuard's website that they are offering volume discounts as well as custom-branded versions of PeeKaWho for use in Enterprise...

Want everyone in your organization to be as productive on the BlackBerry as you? Rouse the corporate spirit with your own custom branded PeeKaWho for you organization is NOW AVAILABLE. For volume discounts and custom branding, please contact sales at for how other organizations have already done so!

PeeKaWho for the Storm: I also just noticed on their site that a version of PeeKaWho for the BlackBerry Storm is already in the works. Looks HAWT!

PeeKaWho coming to the BlackBerry Storm
Man oh Man Do I ever want a BlackBerry Storm!!

PeeKaClone: Imitation is the biggest form of flattery right? A new PeeKaWho-like BlackBerry application just popped up in the ShopCrackBerry software store over the weekend. Email Alerts, by Aerize, sells for $10 (free trial is available) and offers a similar feature set and look to PeeKaWho 1.160. I haven't given Email Alerts a try yet (I'd probably use either PeeKaWho or Email Alerts... your BlackBerry might self-destruct if you try both at once!), but it looks pretty sweet too. You can check out Email Alerts here.

More Information: For more information, to download free trial, purchase and read user reviews on PeeKaWho, click here.