Updated iLock For BlackBerry Keeps Your Information From Prying Eyes

Even though BlackBerry is renowned around the world for it's in built security it is limited to what, exactly you can secure. Most security functions to the end user do not go beyond encrypting the SDCard and making sure a singular password is set to block all access to the device. So what happens if you just want to block certain aspects of your BlackBerry smartphone? Say your messages or your media content. You're out of luck in that area unless you look towards a third party application such as iLock from MMMOOO. While the application is not new, it has been recently updated with some more features which make the app more secure then ever before.

  • Lock/Hidden the file and folder, the newly rocking function in iLock
  • Enable add an app Manually if it was not in pre-refreshed list
  • Uses a new & texture icon, looks nice in different style themes
  • Fixed some little bugs, more stable & smooth

Version 1.1 is now available for purchase, only costing $3.99 but in case you are wanting to give it a spin before spending your hard earned cash you can check out the free 7 day trial that is available.

  • For More Information And To Check Out The Free Trial Click Here>>

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