Yet another goodie from the BlackBerry Jam Americas show today was a revamped web browser for BlackBerry 10. Kevin already got a good luck at it in the Dev Alpha B device, but RIM also posted their own walk-through of all of the new features.

Peek, with a swipe from the left side, has been employed for easy access to bookmarks, history and tab management. RIM emphasized that the browser itself was written entirely in web langauges like CSS, Javascript, and HTML. There's a reader mode built in, so you can pare down web pages to plain text (much like the PlayBook browser can). There's also a baked-in share button to easily shunt web pages to friends via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, BBM, NFC, text, and many other applications. The browser is also able to capture image data directly from the camera, which is pretty fancy. 

Overall, it's looking pretty sweet, eh?