Rogers BlackBerry Roadmap

One of our Rogers' birdies just came through for us with an update on the Canadian GSM carrier's BlackBerry roadmap....

BlackBerry Bold: Earlier this week we reported Corey's tip of a July 25th release date of the BlackBerry Bold on Rogers. This new, slightly conflicting information suggests that Friday, July 25th, is the date Rogers will fire off a press release announcing the Bold's availability and will open the Bold up to its dealers, but that it will actually be the following week (hopefully by the 29th) that customers will be able to walk into store and pick up a BlackBerry Bold in person. I'm still hoping to get my hands on a working BlackBerry Bold on or before the 25th, (anybody want to crash a Rogers Bold Launch Party with me?!) but I guess time will tell how this unfolds.

BlackBerry KickStart: No exact date, but the BlackBerry KickStart should be available on Rogers in mid/late September.

BlackBerry Javelin: Just in time for Christmas, the BlackBerry Javelin should be available towards the end of November or early December. The fact that Rogers will carry both the Bold and the Javelin confirms that the Javelin is very much a replacement to the BlackBerry Curve.