If you're a social media junkie like, signing up to the many different social sites out there, you'll find it's sometimes hard to post to them all regularly. Twitter is the main one I use and when I used Scope I could also update my Facebook account at the same time, if I wanted to. I've since added App.net to my social media roster, add LinkedIn into the mix and it can get quite tiresome having to update each one individually.

That's when you need something like Buffer. It landed on BlackBerry 10 towards the end of January. It has really made my life easier when trying to handle the many different accounts I have. Buffer started out online and you have to create your account online to be able to login, though the app lets you login in via your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts too. It's probably best to create a Buffer account anyway. Then all you do is login with your account in the app.

No timelines for the various social sites will be seen, it is purely for you to share out. When you create a post you can choose which sites you want to share to. You can share the update straight away, or you can add it to your Buffer list. This Buffer list will automatically share out to the selected sites at a pre-scheduled time that you set. You can spread these times over the course of the day. This has to be done on the Buffer website. 

Just like the website, the app also has an analytics section. This allows you to see the stats of each of your updates, like - number of retweets/re-shares, replies, how many marked it as favourite and how many clicked a link if one was included.

It's an Android port but it works well. I haven't had any problems with it at all. I would like to see a native BlackBerry app. It would be nice to have the option to share to it from the browser. I have found that if you have other sideloaded apps, like Flipboard, you can share any articles of interest direct to Buffer, so that's a bonus. All in all a very useful app, it's one I use several times a day. I definitely recommend it if you do use multiple social media sites. Check out the video above for a run through of the app.

Download Buffer app from BlackBerry World