UnSend Email lets you retrieve those mistakenly sent e-mail messages

Ever sent a message then instantly regret having done so? Wouldn't it be great if you could unsend that e-mail. Gmail has this an option available when you send an e-mail, you have about 5 seconds to hit the Undo button before your message has been sent away, though you can increase this time delay in the Settings. A developer has brought this same function to BlackBerry 10 with an app called UnSend Email. Read on to find out more.

UnSend Email is brought to you by the developer of Hub++ (and more), seeing a need for such a feature. The way it works is that the UnSend Email app will intercept the e-mails you send and will hold it for a duration of time before fully sending it off. During this time it sits in the hold queue where you can unsend it. You will find the sent e-mail message within the UnSend Email app. From the Hub tap and hold the message, tap Share, then UnSend Email and it will open the app. Just tap the message you want to unsend and it will stop the sending process and keep the message as a draft in the Hub.

If you had a few e-mails sitting in the list, you could hit the Unsend All icon on the bottom to stop the sending process on all the pending messages.

UnSend Email hold queue list  UnSend Email delay settings

Within the settings of the UnSend Email app you can set the hold duration. By default, the setting is set to 30 seconds. You can set it from 5 seconds and go all the way to a 10 minute delay. There is also a setting to have your device vibrate when it finally sends the message if you don't unsend it. All sent messages disappear from the list within the app.

At the moment if you're running an official OS, by that I mean anything below OS 10.3, you can use the app for ActiveSync accounts only. If you've jumped in and loaded up OS 10.3, the UnSend Email also supports IMAP and POP accounts. Within the app settings you can see the accounts that will work with UnSend Email.

UnSend Email runs headless, so there is no need to have it running in an Active Frame. On paper, this is a pretty neat app to have, probably something that could be native but always nice to see developers fill gaps like these. A great use for it is for those times when you forget to attach a file to an e-mail. It's somethng you realise almost as soon as you hit Send, with this app, you can quickly unsend the e-mail, attach the file and re-send. My only issue is that I don't need the delay on all e-mail messages I send but I guess, it's nice to have that buffer.

If you're interested in the app, it is available for all BlackBerry 10 device models and costs $2.99.

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