A few weeks ago we first saw the unofficial Chive app Chive On available for download. At the time it was unsure if it would ever make its way to an "official" launch in BlackBerry World, but tomorrow it looks like all the stars will be aligned.

After some back and forth and a bit of dark magic, Chive On will indeed be available via BlackBerry World tomorrow for all BlackBerry 10 devices. The app will of course be free and will feature the best of what The Chive has to offer, right on your device.

Features include:

  • Stay up to date with the latest image galleries from theCHIVE (no videos, yet).
  • Add posts to your favorites for easy access.
  • Animated GIF support.
  • Full screen viewing with pinch to zoom.
  • Photo and post sharing.
  • Ability to set images as your device wallpaper.
  • Save images to your device (requires 'shared files' permissions).
  • Active Frame support showing the latest posts.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when the app goes live. We'll update accodringly to help spread the word!

If you just can't seem to wait it out you can always grab the beta here.