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Having options is something that just about everyone loves, options of wallpapers, ringtones, but how about having more than just the default options for unlocking and locking your device? Last week Adam took a look at Easy Lock Pro and while it is a great option for many, we wanted some more variety, right? Luckily for us another great option that is feature loaded is Unlock Pro by the folks at MMMOOO, and it is a great alternative lock option for your device. Featuring three different lock screen options, the ability to customize what is displayed, and what wallpaper is shown, allows for it to fit the needs of a wide user base.

Whether you want a lock screen that allows you to slide to unlock, or pull down to unlock or if you want the ability to quickly launch into camera and other options, Unlock Pro is a great choice for you. The developers have put a ton of time and hard work into making the application well polished, and while there are still a few minor display kinks to work out, they are ready for feedback and willing to listen to ideas. There is a free version which offers just one of the three lock screens, but the paid version which unlocks the other two and all the other features will only run you $1.99. Be sure to hit the link below and check it out for yourself!

Contest: The fine folks at MMMOOO have offered up 25 copies of the full application, featuring all three lock screen options and all the features. All you have to do is simply leave a comment on this post. Contest ends Sunday, limit one entry per person.

More information / download of Unlock Pro by MMMOOO