Viper SmartStart

I've always been a big fan of the remote starter I had installed in my car a few years ago. Being able to start it up from my living room in the heart of winter is a great thing. When I saw the rumors on Viper SmartStart, I was excited to say the least. The app allows users to take their technology geekness to the ultimate level, allowing you to lock & unlock doors, pop the trunk, sound the alarm and start the vehicle all from a simple interface. The app will be free in BlackBerry App World, but the hardware for your car will set you back anywhere from around $300 to over $600, and after the first year the service will run you another $30/year. Some systems are already compatible with SmartStart, so you'll just need to get Viper's upgrade module (which will still cost you more than it should). As much as I'd love to rush out and get one of these hooked up, I think the price is a bit out of my range for the time being. I don't really see this being totally mainstream. While we'd all love to start out cars with a click of the BlackBerry, it just isn't likely that many will shell out the cash for system like this. Drop a comment and let us know what you think.