Bell Gets Unlimited Data

Good News for all the Hardcore BlackBerry Addicts on Bell in Canada today... effective immediately:

Bell clients can do more things in more places, using new features that offer unlimited access to personal email, the Internet, and popular Instant Messenger applications. 

For only $30 per month, clients can enjoy unlimited personal email, Internet and BlackBerry Messenger or Windows Live Messenger access with new features designed for BlackBerry and PDA smartphones. A minimum $30 or higher rate plan is required to subscribe to and benefit from these features.

$30 for unlimited data...SWEET. Now let's compare this to Rogers in Canada, where the closest thing they have is the recently upgraded $100/month for 1 GB of data (used to be 200MB).

Big Thanks to JC for sending this in. Re: Image...I know it's not a BlackBerry..but I Love that Beaver!