Game developers got a taste of what the Unity 3D engine could do on BlackBerry 10 at GDC, and now they can start getting involved. Pre-registration recently opened up for the beta program, allowing developers to publish directly to BlackBerry World through the SDK. Keep in mind that this is still in a beta phase, so anything that's published will be watermarked, and there still isn't a full feature set available. Devs that want to publish commercially anyway will need to pay up as normal. 

There have already been a handful of games able to publish to BlackBerry World through the closed alpha of the Unity BlackBerry 10 project. Many I haven't heard of before, but there are some good looking ones in the batch, including Wizard Ops, Qbism, Hairy Tales, and, of course, Shadowgun.

Ultimately, more tools means more games means more fun on BlackBerry 10. Devs interested in getting involved can sign up over here. Any takers?