Back during BlackBerry World we were all treated to some spectacular gaming demos from the folks from Unity. At the time, they stated five games were slated for launch on the BlackBerry PlayBook, one of those games being Samurai Vengence II and they expected them to launch in the 'summer' -- that never happened as we all know.

Now though, the latest information is suggesting that we'll see some of these titles released at the upcoming Blackberry DevCon. In addition to that, Unity's Brian Bruining has been quite open when speaking of BlackBerry PlayBook development in the past:

"RIM needed better games and content, and that's why it came to us," Bruning explained. "We have a good feeling the games on PlayBook will sell well because the market has been starved of content."

Yes, Brian we are starving for content on the BlackBerry PlayBook and it's a great platform to be working on. Now, let's just get some of those games titles into market come DevCon and you'll make plenty of BlackBerry PlayBook owners happy.

via: CrackBerry Forums