Hot New Ulterior Theme!

Elecite is back with another creative theme. This one takes on the "Alienware" look and has some creative implementations in it that set it off from any other theme out there.

It’s crafted with glowing “ribs” just like the real deal, which are actually fully functional and represent the power of your Battery and Signal meters. It’s extreme quality in the palm of your hand.

2 buttons next to the time control the hatch. Use the right one will open the hatch and reveal a handful of customizable icons. Closing it gives you quick access to your Messages, Media, and Calendar

Ulterior is available for the 8900, Bold and Storm from my testing though while it looks great on all the supported devices, it really shines on the Storm with the big display available to it. You can grab Ulterior for $6.99 from Elecite today. Check out all the screenshots as well as they do differ from device to device slightly.