Unihertz shows off their 'Titan' BlackBerry clone in new video


The Titan Kickstarter is now live and has already surpassed its goal. You can check it out right here.

When the Unihertz Titan appeared seemingly out of nowhere earlier this month, plenty of folks including myself were a little skeptical about the news. It seems Unihertz heard that feedback and have now dropped a quick video via their Facebook page to show off the rugged QWERTY device.

Titan Lovers! Almost time💓 We know you guys want something real, so here we go👉A short cut of live shot video. Hope this can bring you some more realistic about Titan!👀And don't forget ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT❗️ http://bit.ly/2xM5gOY

In addition to the new video, over the past few days, Unihertz has also started breaking down some more of the specs for everyone, using the BlackBerry Passport for comparison.

While video and further revealing of specs make it all feel a little less like vaporware, it's still going to be a Kickstarter campaign and there's plenty of additional details that will need to be laid out. Until then, though, you can swing by the CrackBerry Forums to discuss the Titan further!