Unicode 9 is now official, making standard a whole new set of characters and — yes — new emoji. In fact, in addition to 7,500 new characters, Unicode 9.0 has added a total of 72 new emoji to the standard. New additions include emoji ranging from an avocado and a clown to animals like a gorilla and bat. In the graphic below, put together by the folks at Emojipedia, you can take a look at all 72 new emoji.

Unicode 9.0 is official with 72 new emoji

In addition to the new emoji, Unicode 9.0 brings character support for "lesser-used languages" that include:

  • Osage, a Native American language
  • Nepal Bhasa, a language of Nepal
  • Fulani and other African languages
  • The Bravanese dialect of Swahili, used in Somalia
  • The Warsh orthography for Arabic, used in North and West Africa
  • Tangut, a major historic script of China

For much more, you can check out the different variations of each new emoji glyph added in Unicode 9 at the Unicode website. And keep in mind that these have only been finalized as part of the Unicode 9.0 standard, and you'll have to wait until the latest additions are included in an update to your phone to check them out.