Undersea Adventure is a real beauty of a BlackBerry 10 game and if you ask me and the best news is that you can play the first nine levels for free before deciding whether to purchase the paid version - perfect!

In the game you control a small submarine which when launched from the 'mother ship' must float down to the sea bed to unlock a chest of treasure. But the chest needs a key which you need to pick up along the way. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well unfortunately there are sharks and jellyfish within the water too and if you touch one of these it's game over.

Controlling your sub is simple. Just use the tilt controls to move from side to side and you also have the option to press the screen to give your sub a boost which you will need for two reasons. The first being that you'll need it to avoid the sharks/jelly fish and secondly you must land on the treasure chest nice and gently or you will crash.

Grab the free version and see how you get on. It's pretty addictive!

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