What, did you think we were done with our unboxing of the TELUS BlackBerry Q10? Hoho, no siree. We got our hands on a white BlackBerry Q10 from Rogers (which obviously is going right to Kevin). 

We've already taken a look at some of the apps that are loaded up on a Rogers BlackBerry Q10, and on the hardware side, not much is different from the TELUS model. Again, branding is kept to a bare minimum, which I think a lot of end-users will appreciate. One thing included in the box that we didn't see elsewhere was a postage-paid baggie for shipping your old phone to a recycling center. The ribbon-style headphones are included, and bear the same classic white look as the Q10 we were using. MicroUSB, charger, and instruction booklet were all there, of course.

So, that's the white BlackBerry Q10. Have you guys decided on a color yet? Personally, I side towards the classic black, mainly so that the screen melts seamlessly in with the body when it's locked. 

Want to get one? Snag the Rogers BlackBerry Q10 online for $199 on contract