We've reached the thrilling conclusion of our Canadian BlackBerry Q10 unboxing trilogy. We ran all over Toronto yesterday picking up Q10s and visiting with carriers, including Bell. Incidentally, my visit to the Bell store coincided with that of some CBC folks, so I talked to them a little bit about the Q10. I swear I had more interesting stuff to talk about than the shape of the keyboard.   

The Bell model of the Q10 very closely resembles the TELUS one we unboxed earlier, so no branding on the device, and light on preloaded software. Bell told us that they'll be launching a streaming TV app on BB10 down the road, but for now, it's a nice clean slate. With any luck, American carriers will be as humane. In the box we've got the standard fare: documentation, USB cable and charger, battery, and ribbon-style headphones with a smattering of replacement gels.

I've been using those headphones a little bit this morning, and so far I'm really happy with them. They're very similar to the Bose in-ear headphones that I (and Android Central's Phil Nickinson) use on an ongoing basis. They've got all of the snugness of an in-ear headphone without the discomfort. I'm finding the sound amply bassy and clear, but I'll let the real audiophiles be the judge when they give these headphones a shot.

With that, we've done our whirlwind tour of the three major Canadian Q10s now available in the market. We have no idea if Mobilicity is getting it, though WIND has confirmed it's coming. Canadians, where are you going to get your BlackBerry Q10? Will the Rogers exclusive in white win you over? 

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