Ultimate Screensaver

We first took a look at Ultimate ScreenSaver (from ShaoSoft) on video nearly a year ago now and it's a super way of spcing up your homescreen on your BlackBerry 10 device.

The app has recently received an update - not only with some fixes, but also enhancements, including a bunch of new animated scenes which you can download via in-app purchases.

If you're bored of the way your BlackBerry looks and fancy a change then Ultimate ScreenSaver is the way to go. Think how we used to love being able to customize our BlackBerry 5/6/7 devices with themes. The app is a great alternative to a theme, but with a bunch of useful info displayed over the images you want.

Notable changes:

  • Multiple bug fixes

  • Overall speed improvements

  • Updated RSS ticker

  • Added many new slideshows and animated scenes for download within app

Quick Feature List:

  • Use your own pictures or download packs from in the app

  • A weather widget (click on 'Full Forecast' to see upcoming weather)

  • A scrolling news ticker that can be customized with any RSS feed (click to open article)

  • Date and Time Widget

  • Analog, Digital and Flip style Clocks

  • The perfect screensaver for your device - Day/Night mode

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