The Ultimate BlackBerry BrickBreaker Guide!

Wow. This is Frak'n Awesome. I can't believe I just found out about this (thanks Joe!!). Seriously. Wicked. Like Awesome. Like Seriously Totally Wicked Awesome....

Over the past month, Carlo Maglinao has been creating the Ultimate BlackBerry BrickBreaker Guide, which is complete with strategies and level by level analysis and tips to help you work towards the goal of Scoring Beyond 100,000. So if you're addicted to BrickBreaker (every CrackBerry Addict is for a while!) and you haven't mastered the game on your own, follow the links below and get ready to spend your weekend conquering the game:

Now that's what I call a CrackBerry Addict. There are a few levels left to go after #30, so you'll want to stay tuned as I'm sure CrackBerry Carlo will be finishing the guide off. TGIF... I think we all have some BrickBreaker to play this weekend! Time to find out just how Ultimate this guide is!