Nothing makes me happier than finding a BlackBerry 10 app that I will actually use long term. Ultimate Funny Ringtones falls right into that category and although the free version  gives you access to a small selection of tones you can use in-app purchases to buy bigger bundles if you desire. I did and they rock!

The app consists of 346 ringtones and sound effects, which you can use as any notification sound on your BlackBerry. You can listen to them all before deciding if you want to buy one of the packs as the selection is split into three groups - 'Popular Funny', Funny Saying' and Funny Cute'. To fully unlock each of these sections will only cost you £0.75/$0.99 - so it certainly won't break the bank.

The quality of the sound effects are superb as hopefully you will hear from the video and the native BlackBerry 10 app has a simple and clean UI, but is full of color.

If you fancy spicing up the way your BlackBerry sounds then this app is for you. You can pretty much have a different funny sound for every app or even every phone contact if you really want.

I'm digging this one. Give it a shot.

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