Ultimate Backup receives a major update to increase functionality

While there is several backup apps available in BlackBerry World, during the festive app giveaway one of the apps given away was Ultimate Backup, so I decided to download it and give it a go. At the time I downloaded it, it was a pretty solid app with a ton of options but now the company behind it, Runisoft, has pushed out a pretty major update to increase functionality.

  • Added password protection to prevent unauthorized usage. If required, you can disable password, change password or change the security answer from settings of the application.
  • Added an option to skip/keep duplicate contacts during restore.
  • Added ability to Backup and Restore 'Favourite Contacts'.
  • Bug fixed where view and search functionality were not working from backup of Zip files.
  • Fixed the issue with weekly backup where the backup day was not being set to Sunday.
  • As soon as a backup runs, a status will be shown into the Hub
  • Added separate options to backup and restore music and playlists.
  • Added option to define a custom location to backup the data.
  • Improvements in email process to email zip files also.

If you're like me and grabbed the app when it was free or previously purchased it, you should be seeing the update available right now on BlackBerry World. If you're looking for a backup app, now is a great time to check out Ultimate Backup, as many of the bugs have now been fixed and new functions have been added to make it better than ever. You can purchase Ultimate Backup for $3.99 on BlackBerry World.

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