BlackBerry Leap

UK retailers are gearing up for the BlackBerry Leap and several have now started taking pre-orders for the latest all-touch BlackBerry smartphone. Clove and Expansys have posted up their respective pre-order pages with arrival expected 'late April' however Unlocked Mobiles has taken it one step further and posted an actual release date of April 29th.

When it comes to pricing, Unlocked Mobiles wins there with them listing the device for £204.98 inc VAT, followed by Expansys who wants £214.93 inc VAT and finally, Clove who is asking £215.00 incl. VAT for theirs. At this point, none of the retailers are offering color options so you only have shadow grey to choose from, making the choice rather easy.

Looking for more info about the BlackBerry Leap? Check out the official announcement, specs, gallery and our hands-on with the device from Mobile World Congress and stay tuned for our full review! You can also register for updates directly from BlackBerry, right here.

Source: IBT

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