News apps have become an everyday occurrence for many smartphone users, but up until now us BlackBerry fans have been a little left behind. Not anymore though with BlackBerry 10. If you are in the UK or just fancy checking out what's happening in our newspapers you may want to check out the four apps I have been taking a look at.

All of them are household names in the UK so if you every buy a copy of the Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Independent or the Daily Express you may want to consider reading them on your nice new BlackBerry Z10? The four apps are all different in terms of their user interface, although not a million miles apart. Some require you to scroll the stories from left to right as well as up and down which makes for some nice variation.

My favourite is the Mail Online app. The way it is laid out and you can scroll to the right for different categories impressed me, plus the fact that each story has a thumbnail image so you can get a real insight into the story before selecting it to read. Once in the story you can customise the font size to your liking as well as easily share the story via a whole host of channels such as BBM, email, NFC and the list goes on.

All four apps are free to download from BlackBerry World and I for sure hit them up at least once a day to see whats going on in the world.

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