In the UK, if customers want to go down the SIM only route many choose the MVNO giffgaff, which runs off the O2 network. The 'very' cost effective network is branching out though and it would appear that they will also be selling handsets by the end of November, including the BlackBerry Q10

All in all, giffgaff are initially to offer 22 handsets - a mix of Android, Windows Phone and the iPhone, but at least we get one BlackBerry 10 device thrown in the mix. In terms of how payment will work it looks like there will be a selection of options, utilizing peer to peer finance - ranging from full upfront payment of the handset - to splitting payments over a period from 6 to 24 months. 

Since day one we have always seen good value for money from giffgaff and I can't see why this will change, but at the time of publication the prices are still to be confirmed. Another couple of benefits in choosing giffgaff is that the BlackBerry will not be network locked and your monthly payments can be changed if required - offering flexibility. 

It's always great to have more options and we will of course keep you updated when giffgaff put the Q10 on sale. 

Source: giffgaff blog