UK mobile customers allowed to leave contract early if prices increase

In the past couple of years, there have been some U.K. carriers who have increased the price of customers' monthly payments even when they are still within a contract. It happened to me during my time with Orange and I know others who took to Twitter and other social networks to complain when Vodafone increased their prices. From today, that will change. In a bid to protect consumers from these mid-contract price hikes, Ofcom, the U.K's communications industry regulator, has stepped in and laid out new guidelines that will allow customers to terminate their contract without penalty if their carrier increases their monthly payments.

While the price increases weren't that high, many did not believe it to be fair that prices could be increased from their original agreement while still in their contract period. Ofcom reviewed all complaints made from June 2012 to August 2013 regarding monthly price increases and ruled in favor of the consumers.

This is definitely welcome news. I'm sure there are many who have fallen under these prices increases so I'm glad that this has taken effect. One thing to note about this ruling, though, is that it only applies to contracts taken out from today. So, for those of us still in contract, we're not going anywhere. Here's hoping there won't be any price hikes in the meantime. It's a good move and definitely a step in the right direction.

Read the full Ofcom guidelines