As the majority of teenagers in the UK are on team BlackBerry this post may well change the way your future turns out if you are between the ages of 14-16 years.

If you are studying for your GCSE exams then your BlackBerry can now to assist you in improving your science results. SmartStudy Ltd have released a selection of free GCSE science wordbook apps which not only include a huge amount of content for you to swat up on, but each section also contains a test. The tests all comprise of a number of questions with three possible answers to choose from - and with a timer running on each, the pressure is on. 

I have been using the GCSE Biology Wordbook app and it just goes to prove how long ago it was that I did my GCSE's - I'm not great at the tests! SmartStudy Ltd have made a total of ten apps available in App World (some AQA Spec and some Edexcel) and they include the following subjects: Science, Chemistry, Biology & Physics.

Requirements of the app include:

  • WiFi required to download our content
  • BlackBerry® OS v 6 or higher
  • BBM 6.1 or higher
  • 100MB min of unused and available memory on SD card
More Information/Download the SmartStudy GCSE apps for BlackBerry smartphones

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