I think it's fair to say that things have been a little unsettled for BlackBerry recently. It was only a short time ago that T-Mobile USA announced that they would not be stocking BlackBerry handsets in-store. Here in the UK it would appear that things are the opposite. The news that BlackBerry will go private seems to have not affected the opinions of some of the major UK distributors in the slightest. 

There is no doubt that BlackBerry are in for a rocky road in the near future, and if the sale to Fairfax Financial Holdings goes ahead we are still in the dark as to what the new owners have in store for the company. However, as you will see from the following quotes - the UK distributors are staying positive and are backing BlackBerry all the way. 

Carphone Warehouse Business head of partners Bob Sweetlove (pictured) said: “This is a positive step. It looks to be a business-based plan, which is where their strengths have been.”

Daisy Distribution MD Dave McGinn went even further, saying: “We still enjoy a good relationship with BlackBerry and they still support us as much as they ever have. We have seen no difference in the take-up of their products and if it hadn’t been for the negative press, we wouldn’t have noticed anything was going on.”

Avenir managing director Andy Tow said a move away from hardware may not be the ‘death knell’ some analysts have suggested: “They still have great strengths in security, in services and especially in the enterprise segment. Reinventing themselves as solely a software and services organisation might be a shrewd move.”

Maybe if the sale does go ahead the negative press that BlackBerry are constantly getting will fade away. Onwards and upwards! 

Source: mobilenewscwp