With Christmas just a few days away now I thought it would be handy for good people of the UK to have one place where they can check out the best deals on Pay As You Go BlackBerry smartphones. After all - the youngsters are still digging BlackBerry here, although I expect we have seen a slight loss is market share this year. 

Starting from just £79.99 you can pick up a new BlackBerry - although this will be a legacy device. If you want BlackBerry 10 then it's going to cost you a little more, but as you'll see at the bottom of the list, the gap between the two operating systems has narrowed quite dramatically at one retailer. 

Whether you are looking to pick up a BlackBerry for your children or partner, there should be something for everyone. All the below networks do of course also offer BlackBerry devices on contract too, but I suspect that Christmas time is when the PAYG market hits the roof. 







But the bargain of the year has to be at Carphone Warehouse where as well as the 9320 and 9720 you can pick up the BlackBerry Z10 from just £159.95 on a selection of the above networks. 

If you're leaving buying a BlackBerry until the last minute we're ho-ho-hoping this post comes in handy. If you find any better bargains feel free to share in the comments. 

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