If ÜberTwitter is the Twitter client you fancy you'll wanna be sure to grab the latest release from their download page. Version 0.933 contains many bug fixes and improvements over the previous beta release that is sure to please many users out there. Some of the changes are:

  • Map Provider - Allow users to select either MapQuest (default) or BlackBerry maps to display users locations. User action to retrieve a map You now have to click the ‘Retrieve Map’ button after opening a tweet in order for the map to be retrieved. This will result in substantially lower bandwidth requirements and improved battery life.
  • UberChannel date display bug fix - Fixed a bug where tweets in UberChannel streams had the date incorrectly displayed.
  • Resetting tweets to retrieve bug - Fixed bug where on an upgrade the number of tweets to retrieve would reset to 60.
  • Highlight color in Midnight Theme bubble layout - The highlight color in the Midnight theme when using the bubble layout is now much easier to discern.
  • Text Ad color -  We changed the color of the text ads to conform to the them colors. The ads are still clearly marked as an advertisement.
  • GPS Radio Activation -  The GPS radio will now only be activated when you open the compose tweet screen IF you have selected to use the GPS radio to determine location. This should greatly reduce battery drain, but may result in the location mechanism falling back to the cell tower method on some occasions.

Keep in mind folks, this release of ÜberTwitter is still beta so be sure to send off any feedback you may have for the release. The download is available via their website and will support devices all the way up to BlackBerry 6.

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