ÜberTwitter Updated!

*As of now the update is not currently available just quite yet, the updated Beta 2 will be released soon though*

A little while back now we posted about a great new Twitter client that was available as a beta download. Now we bring news to all those out there who have downloaded and been using ÜberTwitter that it is soon to be updated. Those of you who submitted feedback may want to have a look to see if your issues have been addressed.

@CodeWarden has been hard at work making ÜberTwitter better as a whole so if you don't have the latest version be sure to download it and check it out. Read on for a list of changes and upcoming fixes/improvements.

The list of changes to the new version are as follows:

  • Sound/Vib notifications - different profile for new tweets, vice replies
  • Manual and/or longer refresh
  • Increase screen name field size on Options screen
  • Increase GTalk user field size on Options screen
  • Add Direct Messages To and Direct Messages From timelines
  • Add ‘Follow’ to context menu when clicking on @screenname
  • Bug to fix - Fonts not resetting on change (need to exit now)
  • Add option to not show confirmation dialog after every tweet

A list of changes still to come:

  • Seperate Sound/Vib notification profile for new DM
  • TRIM battery usage significantly
  • Add View friends
  • Add search
  • MUST add BIS support
  • Support built-in GPS as option
  • Select pics already on device
  • Add shortcuts - T tweet, some key to refresh
  • Add thumbnails of pics attached to tweets in the timeline, either from twitpic, or from UberTwitter
  • View persons timeline by typing in twitter name
  • Add 'mentions' to timeline, perhaps as option
  • Visual indicator that app is running
  • Different indicator on home screen for new tweets, vice replys, vice DMs received
  • Fix all bugs!