UberTwitter Kills Off Ad's For Now

The new UberTwitter beta went out yesterday and as I sat back watching my Twitter account I could clearly see many, many people were not happy with the integrated advertisements UberTwitter now has. It became much more of a topic when Mashable posted an article about the new ads where you can clearly see some users were not happy at all. Personally, the ads did not bother me and I typically use SocialScope anyways, but at this time, feeling the pressure UberTwitter has disabled ads.

We have been listening and have heard you loud and clear! We will not turn advertisements on again until we can offer a a paid option with no advertisements. The paid version will be less then $5 and will likely be a year long subscription model, i.e. all upgrades for a year. If you purchase during the beta period, the year won't start until we release version 1.0. Thank you for your patience and your feedback!


These days, I like to see developers doing great work and lets face it, while we all may have our own personal preferences when using a Twitter client, UberTwitter is great work and offered to people for free. Including some ads for everyone to possibly click on helps pay the server bills and reward the devs for their time and effort spent. To make your tweets hit Twitter, putting up with some ads does not really seem like that bad of an option at all - to me anyways. Many other BlackBerry applications do it (example - Viigo), not to mention iPhone applications are littered with ads.

So here's what I'd like to know... assuming you can't have a free app with no ads, would you rather have a Free App with Ads or a Paid App With No Ads?