ÜberTwitter Goes Beta!

It's always awesome to see a developer seek out the BlackBerry community to test out a new app. The developers of ÜberTwitter have done just that! Starting with a post in the CrackBerry Forums containing the announcement of ÜberTwitter's availability, the development process seems to be well on its way with members providing the kind of feedback that is needed to take BlackBerry applications from good to great.

The feature set of ÜberTwitter is looking promising so far, and even includes location-based services and video support. With solid features and an Übercool name I'm excited to see what this Twitter client can achieve. Support is there for all devices running  4.2 OS+ including the Storm. ÜberTwitter's developers are spreading the love around, so if you like Twitter and want to help with a beta release of a new and upcoming application be sure to check it out. Let us know your thoughts on it, be it here in the comments or in the forums posting.

  • For More Information And Downloads Visit ÜberTwitter Homepage >>

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