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UberSocial adds Pro Football theme

The uber popular Twitter app UberSocial has added a new theme just in time for all you football fans out there. Pro Football Characters is a free downloadable theme for the app that will bring the sport right to you. This theme isn't just a pretty face either. Along with the normal functions you expect from UberSocial, they have added in a ton of features to help you keep up with the game like never before. You can participate in the Daily Football Debate, catch the Best Tweets and Pics from over 200 pro players on Twitter, stay on top of Breaking News from your favorite sports writers, and check out the Pro Football Characters Uber Channel with Legends of the Game, Insider Scoop, Power Players, and more!

To install the Pro Football theme, you must be running UberSocial v1.2 or above. If you have an older version installed, you can download the latest here from your BlackBerry. Once that's squared away, you can download the theme (yes, it's a separate download) from the link below. To activate it, open UberSocial, access the menu, and scroll down to Options. Press 'next' until you reach the Themes Setting screen, where you will be able to select Pro Football under the Color drop down menu.

For more information and to download the Pro Football Characters theme for UberSocial

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