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In light of the great announcements made at the BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010, a bright future is ahead for RIM. But so is a serious matter to really think about. Governments concerned over security have long troubled RIM by threatening to cut the cord for BlackBerry services and the complicated battle between the two may shortly find its way to the grave, which is not necessarily a good thing. Following its intent to launch a branch in Indonesia, RIM has made great efforts in the Middle East with a top Abu Dhabi official recently expressing optimism towards reaching an agreement with RIM before the October 11 deadline, thus averting a possible ban of BlackBerry services in the UAE. For BlackBerry users in the Emirates, this is great news, but RIM might soon have to rethink the goals of its BlackBerry platform; close, but no cigar.

The Obama administration is namely preparing a bill that would require all Internet-based communication services to be capable of complying with federal wiretap orders. In other words, service providers should technically be capable of intercepting and decrypting messages - including those happening over the BlackBerry network. "[RIM] is respectful of government needs, [..] but cannot compromise the security architecture of the BlackBerry enterprise solution", said RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie. The White House is planning to deliver the bill to Congress next year, giving RIM a little playroom to make its next move. Definitely, it will be exciting to see how RIM reacts to this, but also whether the bill will affect Internet activity in the future in general. Hoping for the best.

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