The Typo keyboard is an accessory that adds a full physical keyboard to the iPhone 5 & 5s. The Typo was founded in part by celebrity, Ryan Seacrest, who stated how much he loved and missed his BlackBerry keyboard when using an iPhone. The Typo keyboard features a two=piece design that slides over the iPhone and provides users will a full QWERTY keyboard below the device. Access to the Home button is available via a key on the Typo. The Typo connects via Bluetooth and is powered but its own battery and charged over a microUSB connection.

BlackBerry has also filed a lawsuit against Typo, trying to halt sales of the device and claiming that the accessory infringes on at least three of their patents. They state that the Typo resembles that of the BlackBerry Q10 and has many design elements an characteristics of BlackBerry keyboards. 

The Typo is currently available for pre-order via the company's site for $99.