Camera applications are certainly all the rage these days on all mobile platforms. Typic+ brings us a rather nice native BlackBerry 10 option which isn't just about adding filters, but text as well and as you'll see from the video there are a ton of tweaks and alterations you can make. If you enjoy taking photos with your BlackBerry you won't want to miss this one. 

Before you think to yourselves "I've already got Instagram" or a third party version, bear with me as this one really is well worth having on your device. To cut a long story short, you can either snap a new photograph or select one from your image gallery and then make a bunch of alterations to it. As you'll see in the following list of options - the free edition of Typic+ offers a broad range of fun you can have with your images and the paid version even more. 

With the ability to add text to your photos in addition to adding filters, funky designs and frames, each of the aforementioned have there own customization, therefore making Typic+ a lot more complex than you may initially think.  

Features include: 

  • 35 AMAZING FONTS (49 more with In App Purchase) to express yourself through typography.
  • 36 TRENDY DESIGN ELEMENTS (48 more with In App Purchase) that will make your photos very unique.
  • Change size, color, add shadow and opacity for each element, and move them around using the control arrows!
  • Create infinite designs!
  • 21 COOL FRAMES with corner control.
  • A 21 color palette that you can apply to fonts and design elements.
  • Play around with the colors that better suit your designs!   
  • A button at the top to change between captions, so you can write two different captions using two different fonts. Switching between captions to modify each caption is easy with a single touch! 
  • Choose the best filter and effect for your photos.   
  • Share your photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!
  • Email it to your friends or save it on your device! 

With support for all BlackBerry 10 devices I'd highly recommend giving this one a go. Grab the free version below and let us know your thoughts in the comments? 

More information/Download Typic+ (free) for BlackBerry 10