I am sure we are all guilty at one time or another of being on our devices while walking. In these instances we are usually not paying attention to our surroundings but engrossed in whatever conversation or task we are working on. Every now and then I am probably guilty of being so preoccupied that I do not look up from the display even when I am out and about.

Not that this is behavior we should be doing but if we do get too absorbed in our work why not do it in a smarter and safer way? Tundra Core Solutions released Heads Up, a native application that uses your device's rear camera to allow users to see everything through their phone while providing a text area to type without having to look up from the screen. From here you can share the text to a variety of social networking accounts or applications, import and export text to a file, or copy text directly to the clipboard.


  • Export text from the app to a file
  • Import text into the app from a file
  • Integration to the BlackBerry 10 Invocation Framework (invoke Heads Up from within other applications that offer the ability to share text)
  • Integration to the BlackBerry 10 Share Framework (share text from the app to a variety of social network)
  • Plenty of customization options to personalize your experience with Heads Up

In addition, Heads Up includes a few customization options as well. By going into settings users could adjust the font, including size, color, and style, toggle full screen mode on or off, set the application to automatically save text upon close, and even designate the file extension when saving (i.e TXT, HTML, DOC, or Custom).

By using the rear camera, the application gives you a visual display of your surroundings, which should just be enough to avoid any obstacles in your immediate path. However, it will only function properly if you hold the phone right in front you. Otherwise, the only shot you will see is that of the ground or sidewalk.

When it comes to texting and performing other tasks on your smartphone you should always be careful and also mindful of what goes on around you. In this day and age, it is common for us to see someone walking down the street with their eyes fixed on their phone. We all know this is unadvisable, but if you must, this application will let you see what is in front of you to avoid bumping into someone or something while on the go. Heads Up is $0.99 for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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