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Even though CES2012 didn't officially start until Tuesday morning, there were still plenty of events to attend in the days leading up to it. On Monday, we visited the Pepcom Digital Experience where well over 100 exhibitors showed off their wares in a preview of the CES to come.

Through all the exhibitors, the one that stood out most in my mind was TYLT. And really, it wasn't because they had a high-tech mega-booth or some high-energy sales pitch. It was because they had a mission: to design accessories that are updated for today's world, stylish, and highly functional. They've succeeded.

My absolute favorite of all their accessories on display was the TYLT car charger, simply called "Band." Rather than producing a simple spiral-shaped car charger cord, TYLT stretched that into a flat, silicone-encased ribbon. The ribbon folds easily and should make it things a lot easier for those who have charging ports inside the center console.

TYLT has made some amazing products that work and look great. While Band and the other products you see in the video aren't available for sale just yet, you can rest assured that TYLT are doing all they can to get these accessories in a store near you.

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