With June now here, the summer wedding season is upon us. And as you head out to watch your friends and loved ones tie the knot in the months ahead, keep your eyes open for the almighty BlackBerry. You may just find BlackBerry Smartphones popping up frequently to play crucial roles on the BIG DAY. Here are two Wedding and a BlackBerry stories that we're sent into me this weekend:

Wedding Story #1 - Maid of Honor relies on her BlackBerry Pearl to deliver her Toast to the Bride (see video above, and Congrats to Bo and Val from CrackBerry.com!!).

Wedding Story #2 - My CrackBerry Saved a Wedding! Sent in by Matt Osbun. Read his story after after the jump... 

My CrackBerry Saved a Wedding!

Okay, that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but here's what happened:

This weekend, I went to a friend's wedding, held on an island near Buffalo, Indiana. Never heard of the place?  You're in good company- my CrackBerry's National Weather Service feed couldn't find the place to give me weather reports, and Google Maps had a bit of a time with it as well.

The wedding was great, but the DJ had a little problem.  He stored the requested music on his Zune, but when he went to play, some of the music was no longer there.  A lot of it was pretty common wedding music and easily recoverable, but the bride wanted Apocalyptica's Metallica Cover CD during the reception, and the DJ no longer had those MP3s.  My wife knew that I have that CD, knew that I rip my CDs to MP3 format for portability, and knew I had my laptop with me- only question was whether or not I had put those MP3s on my laptop.  Sadly, I had not.

There wasn't a WiFi network in the area- after all, we were 20 miles away from anything resembling civilization.  I go through T-Mobile (strangely enough, I had more bars at that island than I do in Indianapolis), and while you are supposed to be able to use your Curve as a tethered modem, I have never gotten that to work.

I was about to tell the bride that there wasn't anything I could do to help, when I remembered that a friend of mine also has the CD- in fact, that's where I first heard it. I called him, and he agreed to rip the CD and send me the MP3s in email. When the emails started coming in, that's when I discovered that you can't directly save an MP3 from a BlackBerry email.  With any luck, that will be fixed in future versions of the OS. However, by going into my Gmail account and selecting "HTML View", I was able to save the attachments to my SD card, and using the USB cable I keep in my laptop bag, transfer the MP3s to my laptop. The DJ was able to connect directly to my laptop's headphone jack, and the bride got her music during dinner.

The bride was happy, the groom was impressed, and the DJ became a BlackBerry convert.  Said he was going to go get one, seeing what they could do. And I got one heck of a wedding story.