BBM Stickers

Just a quick heads up for you folk that are into your BBM Stickers. There are now 'Ladies' and 'Gentlemen' packs available for you to purchase if that's your thing. 

Both packs come from Andre Jolicoeur - a illustrator art guy from Canada. His work had appeared all over the world on billboards, magazines, in games, TV shows etc, so he knows his stuff.

Both packs contain 25 stickers of either guys or girls with various expressions and you can pick them up for the regular Sticker price of £1.50/$1.99.

While I'm not a big user of Stickers myself it's certainly encouraging to see them growing. From my point of view though the selection could be much greater - possibly where BlackBerry are missing out on some easy revenue? 

If these two look your cup of tea hit up the Shop from within BBM and enjoy.