I got an email the other day, letting me know that aBs JMicro SRL is having a sale on all of their apps. These two games in particular are favorites of mine, staying at the ready in my Games folder for the occasions when I find myself with time to kill.

SuperBlackJack 2.0 is a simple blackjack game, well rendered for a highly polished feel. The graphics are slick and smooth, and the controls are intuitive, allowing for easy pick up and play action. Full rules are included within the application for beginners, and the rules are pretty standard for veterans. Hit, stand, or double down, the only option I miss is the ability to split, but otherwise it's a well thought out, great game. Available on sale in the CB store for $1.99 until Sept 1st, it's regular $6.99 and supports non-touch devices running OS 4.1 and up. 

MegaBlockz is an old favorite of mine, with an addictive, simple premise. Your gameboard is full of brightly colored dots, and you have to clear them by breaking them in groups. The remaining dots fall into the space left, and your goal is to leave few, or none, of the dots behind. Larger groups score larger points, and it's easy to keep playing long after you intended to stop. Available in the CB store on sale for $1.99, it's regular $5.99 and supports non-touch devices running 4.1 OS and up.

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