BESx + Tour

So you purchased a BlackBerry on your own and you traveled down to the IT Dept hoping they will add you to the almighty BES only to be told you are not BES worthy. "What?!?" you ask, and the IT dude tells you that CALs (client access license) cost money and your department doesn't have a budget for everyone to be on the BES.

You are not alone in this situation. In my day job I've encountered this many times with my customers who won't put many employee's personal BlackBerry devices on the BES because they must preserve CALs for more "BES worthy staff". It's understandable from the CFO's standpoint - CALs cost money. However, from a corporate efficiency they should want everyone on the BES working more hours away from the office with no overtime pay.

RIM feels the same way and have recently released a business case for companies to have a two BES solution. They recommend a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express in addition to their standard BES.

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