TwitVid Launches Application For Uploading Videos From Your BlackBerry To Twitter

TwitVid has been getting a lot of press as of late, first with their launch as the integrated video hosting provider used within UberTwitter and now they have gone ahead and released their own video uploading application for all BlackBerry Smartphones via BlackBerry App World.

I tested the application out and it does indeed work as advertised, but one problem does exist. I touched on it a few days ago with a quick tip I posted but for those of you who may have missed it I'll repeat. The videos uploaded from you BlackBerry to TwitVid are not even playable on your BlackBerry via TwitVid after being posted. What this means is if you share your video as TwitVid wants you too, another BlackBerry user cannot visit the link provided and view your video they will get the "Please Install Adobe Flash" error as the videos are encoded to flash video. So while some of you may be satisfid with just reaching out to those on your Twitter stream sitting at a PC, most of my followers are themselves BlackBerry users and most likely will not be at their PC to even view the video. If you are looking for a solution that does offer uploading and viewing from your BlackBerry, check out Moby Picture.

Word around the camp fire is that TwitVid is indeed working on a solution that will allow both, uploads and viewing from BlackBerry Smartphones, but as of my testing this morning that has not happened. If viewing your uploaded videos from your BlackBerry is not a concern for you or your followers, be sure to check TwitVid4BB out. Full press release is available here.