Twitterberry 0.7  Twitterberry 0.7

I got word of a new beta version of my favorite mobile Twitter app Twitterberry earlier today.  The new version will hold long awaited features such as auto-update for your friends timeline, profile alerts and the ability to refresh pages without leaving them.  The app looks exactly the same but sneaks the new features in here and there.  I personally have been waiting for the auto-update feature for quite a while, and I'm glad it finally made it's way in. 

The list of new features includes:

  • Polling support, accessible from the Options menu
  • Cache more tweets. Caching up to 200 of the latest tweets in your friends timeline, replies timeline, and direct messages.
  • Reload timelines from the screen, without opening and closing
  • Improved network requests, only loading new tweets since last request
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • TwitPic support

Navigate to on your device to check out the Twitterberry Beta 0.7.